Domain name Period
.com $14.99/yr
.net $14.99
.org $15.99
.biz $19.99
.ca $15.99
Domain name Period
.club $39.99
.co $29.99
.cool $39.99
.expert $55.99
.guru $38.99
Domain name Period
.it $79.99
.la $34.99
.me $34.99
.pro $24.99
.rentals $38.99
Domain name Period
.supply $24.99
.tips $24.99
.today $24.99
.us $14.99
.xyz $14.99

Additional Services

  • Free ID protection
  • Free server DNS
  • Easy managment

How to choose the best one

Easy to remember

Make it easy to remember and type. For example it’s easier to remember dictionary words and commonly used domain ending (.com). For example vs


Keywords are words specific to your business or the products/services you offer. For example if you sell office products a good domain name would be


The shorter the domain the better. Long and complex domains are harder to remember which can result in less traffic to your website.

What Our Clients Say

By far the best hosting company I have ever dealt with. My last host (one of the bigger names put there) was always unavailable for my support needs. They tried to push me to use their online ticketing system and usually wouldn’t respond for a couple days. When I was able to speak with someone over the phone, it was always someone over seas who was hard to understand. Ionblade support has always answers on the first ring and it’s all us based support. Aside from that they have the most reasonable pricing scale I’ve seen to date. Thanks Ionblade, keep it up!
Ed Heartland
Alex had my back from the minute I started this lovely process. In fact, every person that I have worked with at Ionblade and Host Guru have been great. I so appreciate all the goodness here and I look forward to a great working relationship with you people. Thanks so much for all of it.
Alicia Blas
Ionblade is great! I was never able to get a hold of my previous hosting company and ALWAYS had to submit support tickets to get any answer from them. Ionblade is always available and never any wait time. The reps are kind and work on any issues I had and fixed them within an hour!!!
Aaron Swinkowski