MME Types

Add a MIME Type

To add a MIME type:

  1. Enter the name of the file type’s handler into the Mime Type field.
    • For example, application/cgi would be the handler for the .cgi extension.
  2. Enter the file extension in the Extension(s) field.
    • A file extension is made of the letters following the dot (“.”) in a file name. For example, filename.fileextension.
  3. Click Add.


Delete a User-Defined MIME Type

To delete a MIME type:

  1. Click the X icon under the Remove heading.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to remove the MIME type.

note Note: You cannot delete system MIME types.


More About MIME Types

A list of MIME types can be found at You may also want to use your preferred search engine to research the MIME type you would like to add.

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